Photo: National Marine Mammal Laboratory


  • Scientific Name: Eumetopias jubatus
  • Length:  7 – 11 feet
  • Weight:  530  – 2,500 pounds
  • Eastern Distinct Population Segment (Cape Suckling south to SE AK, BC, WA, OR, CA): 58,334- 72,223
  • Western Distinct Population Segment (Cape Suckling west through Aleutians and Bering Sea): 45,916
  • Eastern DPS Status: Delisted from ESA, protected under MMPA
  • Western DPS Status: Endangered under the ESA
  • Description:  Light blonde to reddish brown coat, with slightly darker patches on the chest and abdomen.  Long, whitish whiskers on the muzzle.  Flippers and other hairless parts of the skin are black.  Can turn hind flippers forward to walk on land.  Found alone or in small groups at sea, but gather in large rafts on or near land.  Use land for rest, molting, and as rookeries for mating and pupping during the breeding season.

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