Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

While watching whales from a vessel, you may often wonder if the whales know that you are there. If so, does it bother them?  The short answer: It would be great if we could ask the whales themselves! But, until then, we have to interpret their behavior in the presence of vessels and physiology to … Continue reading Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

2021 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners in the 4th annual Whale SENSE photo contest! We had a total of 73 amazing photos submitted for voting this year. Like what you see? Be sure your next whale watch is with a Whale SENSE company! Feeding Category - Ashley Longo, American Princess Cruises Bunker Lunch Time off … Continue reading 2021 Photo Contest Winners

4th Annual Whale SENSE Photo Contest

It's time for our 4th annual photo contest! What better way to prepare for the upcoming whale watching season than to vote on some of the best photos from previous years! FACEBOOK PHOTO CONTEST RULES How to Enter 1. Submit your photos Submit your photos via email to by SUNDAY February 28. You can … Continue reading 4th Annual Whale SENSE Photo Contest

2020 Naturalist Highlight Stories

We asked Whale SENSE naturalists to share their favorite memory from last season. Here are their stories! Julie Taylor, Lead Naturalist, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. sperm whale July 22, 2020 "It was a beautiful and HOT summer day. The water was like glass. Suddenly, a passenger alerted me that they had seen a whale … Continue reading 2020 Naturalist Highlight Stories

3 Tips For Posting About Whale Watching Experiences

Have you ever gone to a restaurant (or more likely in 2020, placed an online order for food) and been told it will be a 40 minute wait? Frustrating, right? Especially when you’re really hungry! But now think about that AMAZING feeling when it’s only been 25 minutes and your name is called! In this … Continue reading 3 Tips For Posting About Whale Watching Experiences