A Floating Office With Cetacean Co-Workers

“You must love your job!” is an exclamation many of us in the ecotourism career field hear quite frequently. My response? “WHALE YEAH!” A floating office, cetaceans as co-workers, and the unexpected nature of each trip are things that many of us thrive upon.

The Naturalist

am not here to talk of whales, but of people. I could talk about the passengers, but another time; I would dwell on the crew, each of which has a story: the captains, mates, videographers, and galley people; but I will for now speak of the one I know best- the naturalist.

A Day on Stellwagen Bank: Where Whale Watching Was Born.

Written by Jenna Schwerzmann On a partly-cloudy June morning, nearly three hundred passengers boarded the Hyannis Whale Watcher cruise. Prepped with backpacks, coolers, and extra layers for the chilly Cape Cod winds, the passengers seemed hopeful as they handed their tickets to none other than the naturalist, Jonathan Brink. Jon Brink has been with Hyannis … Continue reading A Day on Stellwagen Bank: Where Whale Watching Was Born.

Whaleboats Buy my Quesadillas

Written by Tamara Lang. All photos courtesy of Major Marine Tours. My dad tells people I work on a whaleboat. I’ve tried correcting him. It’s a whale-watching boat, dad, I try to say, with glaciers as a bonus. Whaleboats operate off of antique whaling ships, and I don’t work on those either. I can promise that … Continue reading Whaleboats Buy my Quesadillas

Whale watching “South of south” with Boston Harbor Cruises

It was a beautiful day out not on Stellwagen Bank but as we called it “south of south”. We headed out towards the south on board the Sanctuary for the 10am whale watch and after spotting a quartet of fin whales on the southwest corner of Stellwagen we headed around the tip of Cape Cod … Continue reading Whale watching “South of south” with Boston Harbor Cruises