10 inspirational quotes for Earth Day

Did you know that all Whale SENSE operators complete an ocean stewardship project annually? This ranges from beach clean-ups to hosting researchers onboard their vessels! So, while every day is Earth Day here at Whale SENSE, here are a few quotes to keep you inspired about protecting our world's oceans and planet! (1) “Never doubt … Continue reading 10 inspirational quotes for Earth Day

How do you identify a North Atlantic Right Whale?

First, where does one go to encounter these whales? North Atlantic right whales are exactly where their name states, the North Atlantic ocean. Being found in the coastal waters of New England, these whales can range from Canada, offshore and when expecting a calf, waters between South Carolina-Florida. Although they wander close to shore (they are nicknamed the “urban whale”), many by passers will go without ever witnessing these magnificent creatures in their lifetimes. This is due in part to the fact that there are less than 400 North Atlantic right whales in existence. 

How Do You Identify Orcas?

In our previous blog we discussed the importance of identifying whales from each other and more specifically how you can do so with humpback whales. In this blog, we will be focusing on another type of whale, orcas! Also known for their notorious name, killer whales. Orcas can be found in all oceans, but they … Continue reading How Do You Identify Orcas?

Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

While watching whales from a vessel, you may often wonder if the whales know that you are there. If so, does it bother them?  The short answer: It would be great if we could ask the whales themselves! But, until then, we have to interpret their behavior in the presence of vessels and physiology to … Continue reading Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

How are whales protected in the United States?

When you hear that whales are “protected”, what first comes to mind?  Of course, physical walls or barriers would never work for animals that spend their life in the wild and always on the move. Instead, laws to set these determine these boundaries.  Photo: Lilli Mack What are we protecting whales from?  The word, “protect” … Continue reading How are whales protected in the United States?