On Saturday, many of the Whale SENSE companies in both Alaska and the Atlantic completed their annual stewardship project  in a coordinated beach clean up in an effort to care for the local marine life and give back to their local communities!

Whale SENSE companies in Juneau, Alaska had 58 people from 7 companies on 4 boats clean up the shores of Admiralty Island, Coghlan Island, Portland Island, Aaron Island, Shelter Island, and Indian Island! Items collected included tires, buoys, fishing poles, a freezer, a car battery, a hunting duck decoy, bottles, PVC pipes, a golf club, a remote control car (no remote, unfortunately), miscellaneous plastics and more!

A special thank you goes out to Juneau Tours, Gastineau Guiding, Alaska Sea to Shore, Alaska Luxury Tours, Rum Runner Charters, Jayleen’s Alaska, and Local Guy Charters for donating staff for the day!

Whale SENSE Proud Supporters were also extremely important to the success of the event! Thank you to the Alaska Brewing Company and Coastal Code for hosting our Beach Clean-Up Social, and Tree Top Tees and Juneau Flukes for donating prizes for participants! We also greatly appreciate Breeze In Catering for food and Litter Free Inc. for clean-up supplies!

Photo: Cape May Whale Watcher
Photo: Cape May Whale Watcher

In the Atlantic, Cape May Whale Watcher conducted a clean up, in which they covered a mile of North Cape May beach. Some notable finds included a 24” fluorescent light bulb intact 4ft piece of treated lumber, fireworks, hundreds of cigarette butts, 6 Chunks of plastic buckets, McDonalds Bags, Starbucks cups. Chik-fil-a bags, 85 small pieces of hard plastic, 55 pieces of plastic bags, and 4 balloons filled with water with string.

Every little bit counts! Pick your beach or watershed, get your friends and family together, and join in the effort to care for our one blue planet and everything that lives inside of it!

More reports to come throughout the season on the amazing outreach the Whale SENSE community is able to accomplish!

Ali Schuler
Ali Schuler

Ali has been working with the Whale SENSE Program since 2018. She has worked as a whale watch naturalist in both Alaska and Hawaii, and spent her master’s researching the effects of whale watching on humpback whales and conservation.

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