We would like to welcome Newburyport Whale Watch as the newest addition to the Whale SENSE Atlantic program!  On June 1, Newburyport Whale Watch crew were trained by Whale SENSE coordinators.

“It makes SENSE!  Whales need a voice, any human being who uses the ocean for research, conservation, or just the pure  pleasure of its beauty needs to be their voice.  Spreading the word about the guidelines is education, weather you are on the water or on land it’s a great platform to start the conversation.  Whales SENSE makes the conversation fun, educational, and so very important  to have,” said Patty Addell, naturalist for Newburyport Whale Watch.  “All of us at Newburyport Whale Watch are 100% committed to the Whale SENSE program.  The ocean has taken care of us for generations it’s now our responsibility to return the favor.”

The first company in the Massachusetts north shore/ New Hampshire south shore region, we are proud to work with such a dedicated new participant!

newburyport whale watch
Photo: Newburyport Whale Watch