Importance of Whale Feces

Photo by WDC Whales are absolutely marvelous creatures, but did you know that they create essential impacts on the world around them? One of the big ways they contribute to the health of the oceans includes their behavior, more specifically, the production of their poop! The poop produced by a whale is unlike many others. … Continue reading Importance of Whale Feces

How Do You Identify Orcas?

In our previous blog we discussed the importance of identifying whales from each other and more specifically how you can do so with humpback whales. In this blog, we will be focusing on another type of whale, orcas! Also known for their notorious name, killer whales. Orcas can be found in all oceans, but they … Continue reading How Do You Identify Orcas?

Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

While watching whales from a vessel, you may often wonder if the whales know that you are there. If so, does it bother them?  The short answer: It would be great if we could ask the whales themselves! But, until then, we have to interpret their behavior in the presence of vessels and physiology to … Continue reading Do whale watching boats bother the whales?

10 ways you can be an ocean steward from home!

This Earth Week, while physically apart, let’s take actions in our everyday life together that can contribute to benefiting our world’s oceans AROUND THE HOUSE: 1. Replace disposable with reusable Take time to think about the things in your house you use once and throw away.  Is there a way you could replace them with … Continue reading 10 ways you can be an ocean steward from home!

A Floating Office With Cetacean Co-Workers

“You must love your job!” is an exclamation many of us in the ecotourism career field hear quite frequently. My response? “WHALE YEAH!” A floating office, cetaceans as co-workers, and the unexpected nature of each trip are things that many of us thrive upon.