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Newburyport Whale Watch Joins Whale SENSE Atlantic!

We would like to welcome Newburyport Whale Watch as the newest addition to the Whale SENSE Atlantic program!  On June 1, Newburyport Whale Watch crew were trained by Whale SENSE coordinators.

“It makes SENSE!  Whales need a voice, any human being who uses the ocean for research, conservation, or just the pure  pleasure of its beauty needs to be their voice.  Spreading the word about the guidelines is education, weather you are on the water or on land it’s a great platform to start the conversation.  Whales SENSE makes the conversation fun, educational, and so very important  to have,” said Patty Addell, naturalist for Newburyport Whale Watch.  “All of us at Newburyport Whale Watch are 100% committed to the Whale SENSE program.  The ocean has taken care of us for generations it’s now our responsibility to return the favor.”

The first company in the Massachusetts north shore/ New Hampshire south shore region, we are proud to work with such a dedicated new participant!

newburyport whale watch

Photo: Newburyport Whale Watch

Check Out Our New Look!

With the start of our 7th season and our expansion to new regions, we decided it was time for a new look.  Check out our new logo!  Let us know what you think!

Don’t worry, for those of you attached to our bubble whale, it’s not gone for good!  As we develop new materials, our bubble whale will make guest appearances to help us educate children and those young at heart.  Stay tuned!



Allen Marine– Helping Keep Alaska Shores Clean!

Allen Marine, one of our Juneau Whale SENSE Alaska pioneering participants, recently conducted a beach clean-up on Admiralty Island!  Using two boats, 22 members of their crew helped pick up trash on the beaches of Piling Point, Barlow Point, Green Cove and Oliver Inlet.  Even with bears in the area, the crew managed to gather quite a bit of trash (and still get picked up safely).  See pictures of this great effort below! This stewardship project is just one example of how Whale SENSE participants are making a difference!

Photos courtesy of Allen Marine

IMG_7513 image1 (1)IMG_7533IMG_7522


Whale SENSE Launched in Alaska!


Voluntary program to promote responsible whale watching in Juneau areahumpbackwhale_noaa_large

 For tourists visiting Juneau and Southeast Alaska, there is no sight more exhilarating than seeing humpback whales bubble feeding or breaching. Whale watching is a significant part of the local economy, and NOAA Fisheries wants to ensure that whale watching remains a viable and sustainable enterprise.

 In response to concerns over the growing number of commercial and recreational whale watching vessels in Southeast Alaska, and the potential to disturb these animals during their critical foraging season, NOAA Fisheries is introducing a voluntary program called Whale SENSE to the Juneau whale watching community for the upcoming 2015 season.

 Originally developed in collaboration with the whale watching industry on the East Coast, Whale SENSE recognizes whale watching companies committed to responsible practices. The Alaska program is sponsored by NOAA Fisheries and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Over the past fall and winter, a working group of Juneau whale watch operators has worked closely with NOAA Fisheries to modify the program to fit the local industry.

 “Whale watching is one of the activities that puts Juneau on the map as a world-class visitor destination,” said Jon Kurland, assistant regional administrator for NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources Division in Alaska. “We encourage companies to work with us to minimize impacts to whales, enhance the passenger experience, and continue to build a positive reputation for the industry by engaging in responsible viewing.”

 Local Whale SENSE participants include Allen Marine, Gastineau Guiding, Alaska Galore, Rum Runner Charters, and Juneau Tours. Participating companies agree to:

  •  Stick to the regional whale watching guidelines
  • Educate naturalists, captains, and passengers to have SENSE while watching whales
  • Notify appropriate responders of any whales in distress
  • Set an example for other boaters
  • Encourage ocean stewardship

 “Our goal is an educated and respectful approach to whale watching,” said Aleria Jensen, coordinator for the program at NOAA Fisheries Alaska Region. “We’re proud of these companies for taking a leadership role and committing to stewardship on the water.”

 Upon successful completion of training and evaluation, Whale SENSE businesses receive materials identifying them as active Whale SENSE participants featuring the Whale SENSE logo and current calendar year. Based on operator input, changes for the upcoming season include a new logo, revised operational guidelines and evaluation procedures, and flags to identify participants.

Whale SENSE on the web:

Alaska humpback whale approach regulations:

Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center Recognized in New Article

Just in time for Earth Day, one of our New Jersey participants, Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center, was recently highlighted in an article by the  This great article highlights their dedication to ocean stewardhsip and marine conservation.  Check it out!