For Teachers and Students

Humpback Whale Catalog

Photos and descriptions of frequently seen humpback whales in the North Atlantic. Coming Soon.

Whale Tail Matching Game

Test your whale tail matching skills! Coming Soon.

Fluke Matching Challenge

Prepared by Whale SENSE Proud Supporter, Juneau Flukes. Download here.

Create Your Own Fluke!

Design your very own fluke! Download here.

For Whale Watchers

In Alaska

Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines and Regulations

Click here for information about marine mammal viewing guidelines and federal regulations in Alaska.

Alaska Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines and Regulations Booklet.

Download here.

Juneau Flukes

See the most recent catalog of Juneau’s humpback whales here.

Alaska Whale Foundation

Non-profit in Southeast Alaska dedicated to research, education, and conservation. Learn more here.

Gulf Watch Catalog

Gulf Watch Alaska is a long-term ecosystem monitoring program. Learn about the research here. See the Prince William Sound Fluke catalog here.

North Gulf Oceanic Society

Focuses on the study of the killer whale/orca population off the coast of Alaska and of the humpback whales in Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords. Learn more here.

In the Atlantic

Marine Wildlife Viewing Guidelines

Click here for whale watching and wildlife viewing marine viewing guidelines in New England and the Mid Atlantic.

Share the Shore with Seals

It is important for New England beachgoers to share the shore with seals. Learn tips on to give them space here.

NOAA Right Whale Sighting Advisory System

Interactive map of North Atlantic right whale sightings contributed to the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium and WhaleMap.

Right Whale Listening Network

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution deployed the 10-buoy Right Whale Listening Network that can recognize whales’ distinctive calls and route the information to a public Web site and a marine warning system, giving ships the chance to avoid deadly collisions. 

Center for Coastal Studies

Non-profit focused on whale research, rescue, and education in the North Atlantic.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Non-profit dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins, and the planet.


Whale Watch Handbook

Created by the International Whaling Commission as a a comprehensive, online tool for regulators, industry and the general public. Click here.


Citizen science platform for identifying individual marine mammals. Click here.

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