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Welcome to the Whale SENSE Atlantic 2020 training! Your company has agreed to ensure all of their captains, naturalists, and guides take this training as a part of the program requirements. Training should be completed within one month of the start of your season, but you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. Throughout the course a progress bar will let you know how much more you have to complete. You can return at a later time to finish up if you need to. Upon completion of the training you will be able to download a certificate that verifies you completed this online course.

If you’ve done the Whale SENSE training in the past, you’ll notice that it looks different this year. We are confident this new format will streamline the process for both whale watch companies and Whale SENSE coordinators in the long term. If successful this year, staff working for a Whale SENSE company for more than 3 years will be eligible for an abbreviated training in future years.

If you encounter any issues completing your training, please send an email to

This course will cover:

  • What is Whale SENSE?
  • Marine mammal conservation in relation to Whale SENSE operations, protection laws, and what you need to know on the water
  • Responsible viewing practices and signs of disturbance from marine mammals
  • Some recent developments in the world of whale research and conservation
  • An overview of Atlantic cetacean species and behaviors
  • How to convey conservation messages and be an effective interpreter on whale watching tours

Any links to external websites, print-outs, fact-sheets, or videos are for your reference and to supplement the information presented. You will not be evaluated on them. For quick reference to any of this additional information, and more, visit the Resources section of the Whale SENSE website.

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